A Christian radio ministry says rumors of war in Kashmir prompt a tired populace to seek peace.

By February 10, 2004

India (MNN)–Pakistan expressed hope that next week’s peace talks with India will pave the way for a solution to all the disputes between the neighbours, including Jammu and Kashmir.

India’s Government is seeking to capitalize on a booming economy, but also from talks with Pakistan beginning in Islamabad on the 16th. There’ve been talks before to solve the 56-year-old conflict over Kashmir, and they’ve mainly failed.

The region has been wracked with violence that has taken its toll on business, development and ministry. Words of Hope’s Lee DeYoung says because of the instability, he couldn’t get more specific about their work there, but he shares: “Words of Hope is involved with some other organizations including IBRA Radio, Gospel For Asia in broadcasts in the Kashmiri language to the people of Kashmir which is overwhelmingly Islamic.”

DeYoung says disillusionment with years of war has had an interesting impact on the spiritual environment. “People who are certainly hungry for hope, programs that talk about the peace that comes only in Jesus Christ. There certainly is an openness to something that points them credibly toward peace.”

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