A Christian radio station in Congo resumes broadcasting

By June 15, 2004

Congo-Kinshasa (MNN)–Radio broadcasts from Radio Kahuzi, HCJB World Radio’s partner ministry in Bukavu, are back on the air.

This follows a brief period of silence when heavy fighting disrupted power in the city of 250,000 near the Rwanda border for most of 10 days.

The trouble began May 26th, with the heaviest fighting only last week. The fighting in the South Kivu provincial capital pitted army loyalists against dissidents. It led to violent anti-UN protests in several areas of the country.

All areas of humanitarian aid took hits, including food security, health care, water and education. The people living in the region were even more dependent on aid because of the fighting.

The instability brought hopelessness, and with that, more trouble. And yet, according to station personnel, Radio Kahuzi is the only private radio on the air in Bukavu. Their teams continue to broadcast normal Christian programming, to reassure the people hat peace and calm are returning to Bukavu.

The station is among the first to be established via HCJB World Radio’s “radio planting” ministry which helps establish local stations.

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