A Christian relief team in Pakistan resumes relief work

By March 15, 2006

Pakistan (MNN) — 2.5 million people remain homeless after the earthquake that hit Pakistan killing around 80,000 people. Christian from all over the world descended on that predominately Muslim nation to help. Unfortunately, the anti-Muslim cartoons forced much of that work to stop.

Food for the Hungry was one of those organizations, says FHI’s Matt Ellingston. Ellingston says, “They just kept a low profile. They didn’t leave the country. They just kept their heads down for a little bit. But, they are back at it and they’re serving the people of Pakistan in the Kashmir province in the city of Muzaffarabad.”

FHI is working with the National Baptist Church of Pakistan in 80 small spontaneous refugee camps serving 10,000 people collectively. Ellingston says this has been a great boost to the oppressed church. “It has allowed the Christian community to be active and in the forefront, on the cutting edge, of helping their neighbors. It really gives them a respect that they haven’t experienced that often.”

Food for the Hungry has been helping with assistance in the winter months and now they’re gearing up for the recovery phase of the outreach. “We will continue with programs that employ citizens of the city of Muzaffarabad in rubble removal programs,” says Ellingston.

All of this work is being done for one reason. “We have the opportunity every day to work very, very closely with people who follow a different path for their life. We’re able to show them the love of Christ each step of the way.”

Food for the Hungry is asking people to pray for them. Ellingston says, “You can’t help everybody. So, you have to make some tough decisions on who you can help and who you can’t and then you have to communicate why. We want our actions to be please unto our Lord.”

Funding is still needed for this massive relief effort.

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