A Christian school brings the internet to a rural city in West Africa.

By September 22, 2005

Ghana (MNN)–They’re located worldwide in some of the most unexpected places. Their presence means keeping in touch with the outside world is possible. Isolation is no longer a barrier to tools and education.

Oasis International’s ministry in West Africa is working to connect their students to the world outside of Ghana. Oasis’ Art Speck explains their newest educational effort. “One of the most exciting things is opening of an internet cafe in the rural village of Pram Pram. It gives the access to a lot of information, a lot of educational facilities. It just really helps the community.”

The idea of the cafe started as a place for information exchange, and cafes have since become community centers in the information technology age.

But because of the poverty levels, even knowing how to use a computer might be a problem in this rural area. It would be like having a book, but not knowing how to read.

That’s where the Oasis International Training Center comes in. At the school, they not only offer vocational training, but also spiritual training.

Since the thrust of their work is evangelistic at Oasis, Speck says the cafe is an extension of that training. “It’s really hard for people to hear the Gospel when they don’t have the education, don’t have the facilities to make a living and can’t live. This is an avenue where people can get more information. They can get more training so that they can better themselves.”

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