A Christian school group launches an effort to put Bibles in the hands of every one of their students in Africa.

By December 2, 2005

International (MNN)–90-percent of the children in a Worldwide Christian Schools partnering school don’t have access to a Bible.

Worldwide’s Dale Dieleman says for many parents, getting a Bible is nearly impossible. The average cost for a Bible is around 13-percent of the average monthly income.

Dieleman says the problem is compounded further, “Because unemployment is 70-percent and higher in most of the countries we’re talking about here in Africa, with zero money income, to have a Bible is just prohibitive, and to have a pew Bible in churches is not a common sight.”

Dieleman says they’re in partnership with the Bible League to raise funds to put one Bible in the hands of every student of the Worldwide Christian School partner in Africa. “This is the Christian school’s first textbook. If we can’t have Bibles in the classrooms, and Bibles in the hands of the children, how much “Christian education” can we really do?”

Their latest survey indicates that there are 25-thousand students who don’t have access to a Bible. At $5.00 a Bible, WCS hopes to raise $125,000 to provide them.

Contact Worldwide Christian Schools if you’d like to help.

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