A Christian school re-opens in Pakistan.

By August 25, 2004

Pakistan (MNN)–A Christian school shut down after Pakistani militants stormed it two years ago has re-opened this week.

A plaque commemorating the six dead marked the school’s tragedy in 2002, as well as a quiet beginning for the Murree Christian School, located about 35 miles northeast of the capital, Islamabad.

Pakistani Education Minister Zobaida Jalal joined teachers, dozens of students and parents for a small ceremony, which has educated children of Christian missionaries for nearly a half-century.

For security reasons, we’ve had to change our source’s name to ‘Noor’. He says there have been a lot of changes since the attack. Security is much stronger and other protocols have been implemented to prevent a repeat attack.

There’s another difference, too. Noor explains, “It’s a much smaller group with the transition that the school has gone through, but we’re excited that they are able to function again because it means that families serving in Pakistan and in the region will be more likely to be able to remain on the field.”

Noor says although the school year has begun, the school is in real need of teachers. “I still run into the attitude that teaching missionary children is not really doing missions. In my mind, it’s actually multiplying missions because it enables families, who otherwise would need to return for a number of years, and in some cases for good, to make sure that their children have the education they feel they need.”

For the time being, though, Noor says the teachers are finding creative ways to teach subjects that don’t have an appointed instructor.

As for the schools impact on the community, he says they are, for the most part, “…supportive of the school being there. Pakistan is a country that has a Christian minority. It’s not unheard of that there would be Christian schools an institutions. The people in Murree, themselves, I think , are supportive of that institution and school as it provides jobs for a number of nationals in that city.”

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