A Christian television agency focuses on hope for women in the Middle East.

By March 24, 2006

International (MNN)–Women in the Arab world are minimalized daily.

Their needs are generally overlooked by the society, so SAT-7 broadcasts a full hour of new programming tailored just for them.

This “Women’s Block” airs twice each day. The
programs in this block are made by dedicated SAT-7 staff in
both our Egypt and Lebanon studios.

From these locations, the team works hard at writing
scripts, producing video reports, and creating shows that
examine difficult issues confronting Arab women from a Christian point of view. Armed with the truth from this biblical worldview, it is possible to see a change in the families, too.

SAT-7 CEO Terry Ascott says, “Families in this region especially face problems like poverty, illiteracy, migration, negative media influences, divorce and spousal abuse.” The threat against the family also threatens, by extrapolation, the society, as a whole.

Ascott goes on to explain that, “SAT-7 invites all churches and Christian agencies and media in the Arab World to join the campaign by dedicating the year 2006 to be the Year of the Family.” The 2006 focus is aimed at strengthening families, building unity among churches, and drawing more people to himself.

Pray for the staff as they help their female audience come to a better understanding of Christ.

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