A Christmas party in Haiti will go ahead as planned.

By December 18, 2003

Haiti (MNN)–Poverty has deepened in Haiti while the government and opposition have been locked in disagreement since 2000 legislative elections that the opposition charges were rigged.

President Jean-Bertrand Aristide supporters and opponents clashed this week as tensions are increasing amid violence that left at least two dead and 10 injured in the capital.

The State Department has warned U.S. citizens to avoid traveling to Haiti, citing political tensions and unrest. For Haiti With Love’s Eva DeHart explains that while the unrest won’t directly effect their outreach, “The major concern with the uprising is the fact that both sides in the confrontation now seem to be armed and there are some pretty dangerous situations.”

The concern was that the violence could be disruptive to ‘For Haiti With Love’s’ 15th annual Christmas Day party. DeHart says ministry teams are expected to arrive December 21rst. “I would just like to ask everyone to pray for Haiti and to pray for the safety of all of the teams and the people who will be going in over the holidays and that God put his hand on the country and calm things down so that everyone is safe and can celebrate Messiah’s birthday in peace.” Teams will be feeding and ministering to between six and seven hundred children.

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