A church body in the Caribbean celebrates its differences.

By August 26, 2004

Hispaniola (MNN)–The differences in the church body on the island of Hispaniola are what’s helping it become a rising star amongst the missions-minded in the Caribbean.

Christian Resources International’s Bryon Morgan explains their involvement. “There’s very little theological material and biblical reference in the French-Creole for the Haitians. They’re using Dominicans and using our theological material in Spanish to train Dominican church-planters who also speak the Haitian-Creole, and then they go and plant churches in Haiti.”

CRI is a non-profit organization providing free Christian literature to missionaries and national pastors in addition to shipping books, Bibles, Sunday School materials, tracts, and more overseas.

Morgan says they are looking for materials in French, Haitian-Creole and Spanish. Their hope is to give a church planter a useable theological education library.

The project presents another issue. “What we need are American sponsors who will provide the 75-dollar sponsorship that it’ll take to provide that material to the Dominican pastors.”

For more details, go to Christian Resources International’s website at: http://www.cribooks.org.

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