A church leaders’ conference in India serves as encouragement.

By January 27, 2004

India (MNN)–In spite of a growing Hindu nationalist movement, a large group of church leaders gathered two weeks ago in Hyderabad.

Mission India met with the believers in for a "Transformation Congress" this month. More than just training and teaching, it was key to continued outreach.

A representative of Mission India explains the purpose of the conference was "…to bring together partners for encouragement so they could see other organizations from all across India, from every state in India, so they can see how they are using some of Mission India's programs to facilitate their church planting efforts in the regions they are from."

He says encouragement is key to continuing ministry, due to the press of discrimination. Because some of the leaders are in isolation, refreshing the spirit goes a long way, especially in the face of rising persecution. "That's a reality, but at the same time, the whole issue of persecution was addressed by a number of the national speakers, encouraging the mission leaders and church leaders there to remain courageous in spite of the difficult days that have happened, and will continue to grow, we believe into the future."

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