A church planting project in Papua New Guinea sees new tools developing.

By July 20, 2006

Papua New Guinea (MNN)–An Association of Baptist for World Evangelism missionary team in Papua New Guinea is working on putting hymns and choruses in the vernacular in Banz.

This project is the result of the success of their church planting work. A new church is being planting in the region of Banz. Work there is progressing with a number of adults who prayed to receive Christ during the week.

Pray about their discipleship in the local churches. They are likely to grow as a result of ABWE’s efforts in reconciliation ministry and leadership training.

Their teams say that training has another benefit. As a result of it, there was a reconciliation of national pastors recently who had broken fellowship. Two of these pastors recently met with other concerned pastors and asked forgiveness and made a new start.

According to ABWE, churches have been established in three Highland provinces, and in the city of Port Moresby on the south coast.

Their reports also indicate that evangelism among high school and college students is a fruitful ministry. Between additional missionaries and national workers, evangelism is expanding through tribal groups who live in unreached target areas.

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