A conference teaches ministry to the World in your backyard.

By September 28, 2005

International (MNN)–In the days post 9-11, the Muslim world was vilified to the extent that backlash hit those who were living peacefully.

The reputation of Tibetan Buddhists is ill-used as the result of media coverage because of social issues

And Hindu peoples are largely misunderstood by many, especially sheltered believers both in the Arab world and in the U-S.

Dispelling the myths and teaching the truth about the best way to reach these people with the Gospel is the focus of a special conference, coming up November 15th in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

It’s a one day seminar that shows the average Christian how they can be a part of Interserve’s work among Hindus, Muslims, and Tibetan Buddhists.

When asked what he hoped people came away with, Interserve’s missions consultant, Ralph Eckardt said, “I think a new awareness that these people have lives, just like we do, that they have deep needs and that, at the least, we can pray for them and think of them differently. At the most, we can find ways to intersect with them and to share with them, to invite them into our lives.”

Eckardt says they want to teach people the ‘how’ of ministering to their community. “As we talk to lay people, we’re talking to them about talking to your neighbors–not becoming a pastor to them–just becoming a neighbor–that’s the same thing that we do when we send people overseas. We send them there as participants in that society.”

For details, go to Interserve’s website by clicking on the highlighted link above.

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