A container was delayed in Romania, delivered just in time for flooding

By August 24, 2005

Romania (MNN) — Devastating floods and storms have killed 18 people in Romania and forced hundreds of people from their homes. Since the storms began lashing the Balkan country last week, 12 people have drowned and six have been struck by lightning, according to authorities. The storms also forced the evacuation of more than 1,400 people.

Some 20,000 homes throughout Romania were flooded and more than 1,000 small bridges were damaged. Flooding has also affected about 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) of roads and contaminated some 8,600 wells.

Little Samaritan Mission operates 21 radio stations in the country, but also helps orphans in the region. Little Samaritan’s Florin Pindicblaj says they had sent a container to the region, but it was delayed. “We shipped a container, which (was) supposed to have arrived around Easter time and I was so discouraged because the container arrived now, in the middle of the summer. But, there were villages, areas, countries, devastated by floods. We are going to help those areas with dried vegetable soups, nectarines, peaches and raisins.”

Pindicblaj says the situation has been very bad. “People died (and) livestock. Orchards (were) destroyed. Gardens (were) destroyed. People remain with nothing.”

Little Samaritan is providing the food in Jesus’ Name, with the hope of sharing the Gospel. Funding is needed to help provide even more food for the needy during this time of devastation that’s caused an estimated $1.4 billion (USD) in damage. Pray that many will respond.

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