A cooperative is providing Bibles to persecuted believers

By July 13, 2004

Colombia (MNN) — A cooperative between two organizations is attempting to get God’s word into the hands of news believers in the hill country of Colombia. Bibles for teh World and Voice of the Martyers is working together to distribute 54,000 Bibles in areas controlled by FARC guerrillas.

Bibles for the World’s Eric Foley says, “Christians in the hill country of Colombia are constantly under attack by the FARC guerrillas. The guerrillas become very threatened any time that anyone accepts Jesus Christ, because when they accept Christ they drop out of the guerrilla army and instead serve a different master.”

Foley says the guerrillas are doing all they can to prevent this. “In order to make an example of people who have become Christians, they literally will go an slaughter Christians – either torturing them, or simply shooting them and killing them for making a profession of Jesus Christ,” he says.

Time is crucial. “These are Christians whose lives are in danger from the moment they make that profession. And, we want to get them Bibles as quickly as possible so that they can grow in Christ” and help them share their faith with others.

Colombia is Bibles for the World’s July project in their “Billion Bible Campaign.” If you’d like to get involved in the program, call toll free 888-382-4253, or (719) 219-2120.

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