A cross cultural worker comes full circle after 30 years.

By February 27, 2004

USA (MNN)–They were working in Central Asia during a Communist party military coup, and the birth of a new republic.

Not long after the turmoil, Interserve medical partner Elliot Larson and his wife were kicked out of the country. The Larsons returned to the States, where Elliot practiced medicine, but 30 years later, Larson felt the call to return.

“Our children are finishing their education. I’m old enough to retire, and the situation in Afghanistan has changed so that there is, I think, rather more opening for the possibility of going to work there.”

They are part of a wave of tentmakers who feel called to serve in Central Asia. Doors are opening up there and Interserve has sent several Partners to that region from the last three candidate schools over the past year.

Larson wants to begin a medical intern program, with an eye cast to ministry. “We want to show real honesty in the way we deal with patients and our colleagues, and, under the circumstances of a Muslim country where there are limitations in evangelism, we can’t do that. But, we would accept those limitations so that we have the opportunity to witness with our work, with our integrity and with our lives.”

The Larsons recently finished candidate school and are in the process of researching what kind of project to outline for their return to Central Asia. Pray that the doors will open for them.

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