A dollar a day makes a big difference in the lives of isolated tribes.

By September 1, 2006

International (MNN)–In the remote regions where Mission Aviation Fellowship serves, daunting geographical barriers isolate people living in remote areas.

MAF flies in both people and supplies in support of all forms of mission work. Last year, the MAF fleet of 54 aircraft executed 36,761 flights, logged more than 3,461,427 miles, transported 111,666 passengers, and delivered 10,761,146 million pounds of cargo-all on 1,700 rough, unimproved dirt and grass airstrips, as well as waterways.

What’s that translate to? MAF services have saved 71,684 days of travel time–or 296 work years, over the course of 12 months. MAF says those 71,684 days exceed the equivalent of 59 five-year terms of missionary service.

With an established reputation and a heart for ministry, they’re also looking for other believers to come alongside and ‘Adopt a Plane’.

A dollar a day sponsorship helps cover fuel and maintenance costs for MAF planes to continue flying throughout the world, taking the Gospel into hard-to-reach places. Click here for details.

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