A family needed for a sibling group from Colombia

By September 26, 2005

Colombia (MNN) — Bethany Christian Services is an organization that help with crisis pregnancy counseling and domestic and international adoption. They also help with foster care and refugee assistance. Bethany needs help today before a brother and sister from Colombia are split up forever.

Janie VanDyke is Bethany’s Coordinator for Special Needs children. “Special needs doesn’t mean that they are developmentally delayed. There are kids with medical needs. Siblings are considered special needs because they’re hard to place, older children, children that come from neglected and abused history.”

However, this sibling groups is very special. “This sibling group is in Colombia. Jonathon is six and Louisa is four. She’s fairly normal. All kids have delays coming out of orphanages, but Jonathon has a medical condition that affects his tissue and organs,” says VanDyke, so they’re looking for a very special Christian family to care for these kids.

VanDyke says if a family isn’t found, it could be very traumatic for these kids. “Colombia wants to split them up because they think they can find a home for Louisa because she’s still little, but Jonathan and Louisa are really closely bonded and we don’t want to break them up.”

Since the Bible commands Christians to care for the widows and orphans, Bethany is doing just that. VanDyke says is praying Christians respond for an even more important reason. “We all want our children to grow up in a Christian homes and that’s why I work so hard to find a Christian home through Bethany.” The end goal is to see that these children come to know Jesus.

VanDyke says there are other ways Christians can help if they can’t adopt these children. “We’re asking people to pray that a family will step forward to adopt these children. International Adoptions are costly. You have to travel to the country. You have to stay in the country and the costs are quite high and I may find a family, but they may not be able to afford the adoption.”

180 special needs children are currently available through Bethany, call 1-877-64ADOPT to get more information.

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