A film project highlights the dedication of a Congolese missionary.

By April 15, 2004

Congo-Kinshasa (EFCA/MNN)–Production has begun on a feature-length video drama, based on the true life-story of a Congolese missionary.

According to the Evangelical Free Church of America’s International Mission, the drama is the true story of Isaac Pelendo, a man whom God used to establish churches to the Ubangi in the remote northwestern area of the Congo (DRC). It’s called “PELENDO: GOD’S PROPHET OF THE CONGO” and is directed by independent film-maker, Richard Adkins of Mwanga Productions, Avon Park, FL, the video is based on the book, by the same title and written by Alpha Anderson.

This is the true story of Isaac Pelendo, a Congolese pastor-evangelist whom God used to establish churches in the remote northwestern area of the Congo (DRC).

He became a Christian under the ministry of early missionaries, and was determined to share this message with the people of Ubangi who did not know about the true God.

With simple child-like faith in God’s Word, Pelendo was able to convince many villagers to believe in the true God. Thus the superstitious beliefs and the occult powers of those who practiced witchcraft were exposed. Many villagers found great joy and freedom from fear as they accepted the teachings of God’s Word.

Regardless of tribal origin or cultural variations, African viewers will easily identify with the situations which Pelendo faced in his ministry. The life-changing power of the Gospel message as he taught and lived it out will inevitably challenge and inspire the viewers to put their trust in the same powerful God.

This story will have a profound effect on all who see and hear it. The video will be produced in four languages: Lingala, English, French, and Swahili.

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