A generation reaps a harvest sown by those before.

By March 28, 2006

USA (MNN)–A recent survey by The Barna Group found that 45% of those who call themselves ‘born again Christians’ actually are.

The current figure represents the largest single-year increase since 1991-1992. The report tracked adults in North America who can be classified as “born again Christians” based upon their beliefs (not based on their adoption of that phrase to describe themselves). It’s the highest ever measured in the quarter century that Barna has been tracking that measure.

According to Barna, these findings show the evangelical middle-aged generation (Baby Boomers at 53%) has surpassed adults within the preceding pair of generations (among whom 48% fit the standard).

The numbers fall slightly entering the younger generations. A little more than one-third of the younger generations, the Baby Busters (1958-1968) and Mosaics (1984-2002), fit the criteria.

“Born again Christians” are defined as people who said they have made a personal commitment to Jesus Christ that is still important in their life today and who also indicated they believe that when they die they will go to Heaven because they had confessed their sins and had accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior.

The report also shows many adults have an immature faith, but notes more people are attuned to the importance of the Gospel. The challenge then goes to the church to nurture faith that draws the surrounding community to Christ.

Researcher George Barna says the conclusion does not come at the moment of conversion, rather, “It’s the very beginning point of a transformed life that centers on constant worship of God, serving other people, investing personal resources in the values of God, deepening their relationship with God every day, and creating families that place God at the center of their shared experience.”

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