A global day of prayer is celebrated Sunday

By May 13, 2005

International (MNN) — Sunday, May 15 will be phase two of a strategy that could change the world. It’s being called the Global Day of Prayer where nearly 250 million Christians from more than 150 nations will pray for global transformation.

On the day of ascension, eight days ago, Christians began praying non-stop, 24 hours a day, seeking God. On Sunday, Stadium prayer events will be taking place all over the world, including New Zealand, Philippines, Romania, Russia, United Kingdom and the United States.

Bob Bakke works with the US-based National Prayer Committee, which is partnering with Purpose Driven Ministries to hold a stadium event in Dallas, Texas. “From the rising of the sun on the International Dateline in Fiji, the Prime Minister of Fiji will begin the day. Then on to places like Taipei and Hong Kong, India, Africa, Europe, (and) finally to us in North America, the earth is going to be filled with this remarkable thing.”

This prayer event isn’t the end. It’s the beginning, says Bakke, as this event launches what they’re calling ’90 days of blessing.’ Bakke says it’s about “transforming the place in which they live. And, over the course of the next five years there will be an unleashing of untold amounts of blessing and ministry to the poor, to those without Christ, in every city and continent of the earth.”

The whole event effort is patterned after Acts chapters 1 and 2 and organizers are praying this movement will see many souls saved, churches started and multiplying to eventually see the world transformed.

This type of world event wouldn’t have been possible 100 years ago, says Bakke. “100 years ago missionaries could only have dreamt of a day when a national church could rise on its own two feet and do what we’re talking about now. This isn’t a western deal. This is a true partnership across the continents and the nations to transform the places in which we live.”

Pray that God uses these events around the world to motivate even more people to get involved in missions at home and abroad.

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