A Great Crate project needs your help!

By August 15, 2006

International (MNN) — Pastors and church leaders in Ghana, India, Mexico and many other places are working hard to minister to their people and reach out to others, but they are woefully under-equipped with good resources to do so.

But, that’s where the Body of Christ around the world is able to step up and help meet that need. Christian Resources International is one group making that their mission.

This summer CRI again partnered with WTGN, a local radio station in Lima, Ohio (USA), to collect enough books and money to fill and ship a crate to needy Christians overseas. They successfully collected around 2000 books and over $1000 (USD), but need help collecting the rest.

It’s a Great Crate project, and 12,000 Bibles and Christian books are urgently needed, as well as an additional $3500 (USD) to ship the crate! CRI hopes to finish filling the crate and ship it to where the resources are desperately needed and will be used immediately.

These powerful tools of God’s Word will help equip pastors, seminarians and missionaries around the world with the tools to effectively minister and share the Gospel.

If you’d like to help financially or if you have Bibles or Christian books you are willing to donate, contact CRI through their website or by calling them. Their information is listed below.

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