A Kiev project could multiply church leaders times four.

By October 18, 2005

Ukraine (MNN)–SEND International’s Terry Harder explains that their seminary in Kiev has a good problem to have.

The number of people coming to their Kiev Theological Seminary and Odessa Theological Seminary for training far exceeds the space they have for new students.

That tremendous need stems from the activity of the Ukrainian evangelists and missionaries. Their zeal has created a burgeoning need for training programs to prepare many additional pastors and church leaders.

So launched the seminary. And growth came quickly–far too quickly. Too little space and too many requests saw far too many turned away.

However, in recent days, matching grant funds and hard work made it possible to finally launch the new expansion.

The teams have been building steadily into the fall. The months of September and October have been temperate, so the building season has gone longer than expected. It means progress for the dream.

Once completed, Harder says the building “…will represent a new graduating class every year. So in essence, you look at the possibility of doubling to quadrupling the number of students that you are graduating when you finally get the staffing and everything up to speed, to the same level.”

No longer will school staff have to send away eager students. Word is getting out and the excitement is growing.

However, it’s not something they can do alone. Harder says help is needed as they continue building a literal foundation for the growing church. “We will have ongoing needs. Starting in April, we will have needs for churches to recruit and put together work teams that would go over and help with the construction.” The teams are asked to bring funds that will assist the seminary towards completion too.

Once the building goes up, Harder says, there’s another need. “Ultimately, we’re going to need more missionaries to help teach as well. Because the number of classes of students will be expanding and they’re offering more courses.”

Teams are praying for capable and qualified Ukrainians to return from the West and re-establish ministry in Ukraine. They are also calling to missionaries from the West and other areas to come reach Ukraine with the Gospel.

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