A little girl tackles poverty armed with….bracelets.

By August 30, 2006

International (MNN)–Food For the Poor tells us of an American sixth-grader from Vermont, moved by the plight of the poor in the Caribbean and Latin America.

Audrey Pekarik is a student at Browns River Middle School in Underhill Center, VT. Once she heard about the dismal conditions in which so many live in the developing nations nearest North America, she tried to figure out what to do.

She initially decided to sell the eggs her chickens were laying, but an unexpected visit from a fox cut those good intentions short.

She then began creating bracelets, made of precious metals and semi-precious stones and real crystals. The jewelry sells from between $10-$16 a piece, and Audrey donates $5 from every sale to FFP. She repays herself for the cost of materials and reserves $1 from each bracelet sold for other business-related supplies.

Word of mouth spread quickly and turned out to be the best way for Audrey to find customers. In the end, she exceeded her goal to raise enough to build a $2,000 house and raised $3,000.

Because of a compassionate spirit, Audrey is ensuring a home and deed to the land will be presented to a family in a poverty-stricken area. It is in this way that the homes Food For the Poor builds are a tangible expression of the love of Christ in the region.

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