A look at history to plan for the future of college revival in the U-S.

By June 5, 2006

USA (MNN)–There are stories of packed round-the-clock prayer rooms and revivals spreading across American college campuses.

Life Action Ministries’ Dave Warren, of the collegiate impact division, says it’s perfect timing for their upcoming ‘Institute of Campus Survival and Awakening’. Campus ministry leaders will attend the event. It’s being held at Yale University June 21rst through the 28th.

Warren explains that, “We’re going to look at the biblical and historical underpinnings for revival, campus revivals and awakenings, and we’re also going to be looking at ‘What does all this mean for our present situation?’ ”

Why now and why Yale? Many of the Ivy League schools were founded on Christian principles with an expressed Christian mission.

Timothy Dwight, grandson of Jonathan Edwards, was president of Yale when God brought a deep, broad, sweeping move of the Holy Spirit to campus.

As they look to the past and its implications for campus ministry today, groups will be meeting at the epicenter of the campus aspect of America’s Second Great Awakening.

“We believe God is stirring”, says Warren, adding, “…even a year or two ago, when we first began to think about the institute, we didn’t see what we’re seeing right now.”

The Institute will provide leaders with tools to think, process, and apply what all of it means for ministry in the upcoming academic year.

Space is limited to 70 participants. Applications are available at:

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