A ministry dedicates new seminary and vision for church growth in Ukraine.

By September 26, 2006

Ukraine (MNN)–The primary need of the church throughout Russia and Ukraine is trained pastors and church leaders.

Slavic Gospel Association’s Joel Griffith says they just saw a five year project’s end that will do just that for them. They just dedicated (on September 9) a new seminary building in Irpen, Ukraine (a suburb of Kiev).

“It’s got several wings to it and it’s at least two floors. It really is going to make the outreach of the seminary a lot more effective because they’re just going to have the space to not only serve the present students. The current enrollment this year is about 237″…almost double the students, says Griffith.

The seminary will provide solid, biblical courses of study–an education equivalent in scope to that offered by top theological seminaries in the West.

SGA partners also step in to provide study tools for many of the students. Bibles, theological texts, biblical language tools, commentaries and reference books to assist pastoral students in their careful study of God’s Word.

In each case, the students are selected and sent by their local church leadership on the basis of their proven ability and fruitfulness in ministry. They arrive eager to learn–and the leadership? Eager for the future.

The atmosphere is energetic and moving forward. Griffith says SGA’s leadership team “celebrated not only the 15th anniversary of the seminary but also dedicated this new building. It’s really an exciting development and we’re just praising God that this has finally come to a successful conclusion with this dedication.”

Please join SGA in prayer that the Lord would continue to provide for the needs of seminary and its students. If you want to help, click here to donate to SGA.

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