A ministry focused on India, reaching the orphans in Malawi

By September 20, 2005

Malawi (MNN) — Thousands of mothers and children will die if someone doesn’t help in Malawi. That’s the message from Hopegivers International’s Doctor Samuel Thomas as he considers moving into a new area of the world for his organization.

Malawi is facing a severe HIV/AIDS problem. According to statistics, 24-percent of Malawi’s population is infected. Thomas believes this is a field worth the investment. “If we can take the children born to HIV families, even if we can take them — even if it’s for two or three years, if we can share the love of Christ with them, praying that God will heal them, and suppose he doesn’t heal them, at least we can rest assured, that by them accepting the Lord that they will have an eternity with God.”

Breaking the HIV/AIDS cycle is important to seeing children stay alive. But, that can only happen as hearts and lives are changed. “If we can rescue these children, bring them into a facility where they stay 24 hours a day. We feed them, clothe them, educate them. I think that’s the beginning of solving the problem in Malawi,” says Thomas.

Thomas is going on a fact-finding trip next month to find Christians in Malawi to establish Hopegivers in Malawi. “I don’t have any desire to take missionaries from outside and take them in, but find the Godly men within the country who would take the mission of Hopegivers and then raise them as leaders for their own nation.”

Pray that Hopegivers International would be able find dedicated believers with the passion to see this program work. Pray also that people would respond to the funding needs of this expanded outreach.

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