A ministry in Florida braces for the secondary impact of Hurricane Charley.

By August 19, 2004

USA (MNN)–Hurricane Charley’s force can still be felt. Many working in Florida’s battered coast fear the aftermath may prove as dangerous as the storm itself.

Among the concerns are medical emergencies stemming from post-hurricane home repair, food poisoning, and water-borne diseases.

There is also another wave coming, with a building pressure like tsunami. For Haiti With Love’s Eva DeHart says their ministry weathered the physical storm, but are bracing for the ‘other’ impact. “The insurance companies will replace the ‘stuff’, but the infrastructure of some of these towns has been totally devastated. So, their revenue sources will have a lot of bearing on how they’re able to look and think in the future.”

For Haiti has donors all across the United States, so the funding loss won’t be as severe. DeHart does expect to feel the financial hit of the storm to come. “I’m anticipating that because of the needs in Central Florida, a lot of the contribution money is going to be redirected.”

In the meantime, DeHart says they’re praising God that the storm didn’t do what forecasters predicted, thus keeping damages and loss of life low.

When the hit does come, For Haiti is trusting God to provide other funds. Their outreach in Haiti remains unaffected.

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