A ministry is saved after a wrangle in Kazakhstan’s courts.

By March 3, 2004

Kazakhstan (MNN)–Kazakhstan’s predominant Muslims may have had something to do with the attempted shutdown of an evangelistic children’s ministry.

Bible Mission International’s Malcolm Smith says the head of their children’s ministry was summoned by authorities in December and told he didn’t have the right to do his work outside the church. He says, “It was at that time that he was informed what he was doing was illegal.”

Despite the uncertainties of fighting the ruling, their leader went about working within the parameters the court laid out.

Smith shares the latest triumph. “He went before the court two times, and of course, he did exactly what they told him to do, and then, we got the good news regarding all the charges that had been brought before the court and all the rulings; that all those had been thrown out and that God had shown Himself victorious.”

Victory was encouraging, Smith says, in part because it paved the way for future outreach. “This is a pretty significant battle, when we talk about a grassroots type of movement to close down local childrens’ ministry, because, once you have a precedent like this, it could really thwart what’s happened there in the last couple of years.”

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