A ministry partner notes a shift in training outreach.

By June 16, 2006

China (MNN)–China Partner Ministries’ Erik Burklin notes a shift in China’s church body that could mean a shift for ministries like theirs.

In answer to the fast growing church and accompanying heresy problems, church leaders are launching Bible training centers for laymen all over the country.

He explains that their first encounter with this phenomenon came as they met with church leaders in Chengdu, Sichuan Province.

The team showed them not only the work of the seminary, but also the construction of several new Bible training centers. “This is their attempt to help train and equip lay ministers. These individuals come, usually from the countryside, sometimes for one month, sometimes up to six months at a time, to get specific training.”

Many times, the students coming to the training centers are farmers, or men who have little formal education. This program is a good option for them.

Burklin says while seminaries offer a degree, the training centers offer certification in a shorter time frame.

It means there are options for those who wouldn’t ordinarily pursue formal training. “Chinese Christians are able to get training, if they so choose to get training. China Partner wants to come in and help and serve these local churches.”

In meeting with seminarians in the United States, Burklin says he shared his vision with them. “The need that we see is that they don’t have enough teachers and trainers to be able to conduct all the courses that they would like to provide for these lay pastors.”

China Partner wants to be a part of developing new and useful curriculum for the changing needs of the Chinese Church. Pray that God would give them wisdom developing this new curriculum.

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