A mission agency helps church leaders combat ministry-killing elements.

By July 5, 2004

International (MNN)–Colombia, Democratic Republic of Congo and Kenya–three volatile areas of service for the church.

Leaders face a mix of ministry-killing isolation and discouragement. Global Advance’s David Shibley says this month, it’s all about support for these quiet heroes. “Most of these pastors have already made such a strong commitment in putting their lives on the line almost everyday for the Gospel. So we want them to know that they’re not forgotten by the rest of the body of Christ around the world. We also want to encourage them in their task of evangelizing and discipling their own nations.”

Shibley explains that comes to these three countries by way of training conferences. “In a very real sense, our Frontline Shepherds conferences are a traveling seminary or bible school. Obviously, we can’t give a full-orbed education in three days, but we certainly can give a track to run on for church growth, church planting, and the sending of national missionaries.”

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