A mission agency makes pastor resources available in Zambia.

By December 2, 2003

Zambia (MNN)–It’s a years’ worth of salary for a pastors’ library in Zambia, providing the pastor has a job.

Many of the church leaders throughout Zambia have only one book to reference when preparing sermons, but can’t afford more study materials.

Pastors in North American churches exchange ideas and discover divine inspiration by way of Christian bookstores and publications. In respons, SIM wants to send book sets to 7,000 Zambian pastors. A package of 40 books for one pastor costs $75 (US) and some of the books included in the sets cost as much as $40.

The project is one of matching funds. To receive a book set, a pastor must pay $75 to cover half of its cost. This partnership, which is available to Protestant pastors of all denominations, will equip Zambian church leaders for evangelism and discipleship.

Each package contains books such as “The New International Version Study Bible (and Concordance)”, “The Church is Bigger Than You Think”, ” Faith to Faith: Islam and Christianity in Dialogue”, “Let’s Talk! Love. Sex. Death. (AIDS)”, “How To Read The Bible For All It’s Worth”, and “The African Bible Commentary”.

A total of 1,160,000 books will be printed at the New Life Literature press in Sri Lanka to provide the books required for this special project.

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