A mission field in Latin America, is now a mission force to the Islamic world.

By September 4, 2003

Middle East (MNN) — Latin American Christians say reaching the Islamic world with the Gospel is a top priority for them. Because of that CAM International is doing all it can to help facilitate that urgency.

CAM’s Keegan Williamson says Central America, once a mission field, is now a mission force to the Muslim world and they’re more effective. He says, “They can go in with a very, very low profile and most of them know what it’s like to be raised in a country that has a single dominant religion and to have a very limited religious liberties. And, then culturally Latin (Americans) are very similar in physical appearance.”

Williamson says finances are needed to help Islamic outreach grow. North American Christians can help. “We have a tremendous opportunity before us to invest in Latin American missionaries who can go at a much less expensive form than a lot of North American missionaries. So, it is a wonderful opportunity for churches to join with them in going to the world.”
CAM is specifically looking into expanding Muslim outreach into Albania. Pray that this will be a spring board to other outreach in the Muslim world.

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