A mission group looks for Bibles, Books and bucks.

By August 26, 2005

International (MNN)–“Bibles, Books, and Bucks”…That’s what’s at the heart of a call for help.

Christian Resources International’s Fred Palmerton says they have seen a spike in requests for their materials in Spanish.

With the church growth and the evangelistic vision being noted in Central and Latin America, the need is obvious. Add to that the fact that Spanish is the fourth language in the world, in terms of speakers, and the need for and lack of tools becomes even more pressing.

The sad fact is, in spite of tons of donated Christian materials in their warehouses, they are in English. Palmerton says there are only two bookcases of Spanish texts in the whole warehouse.

“Missionaries come in,” he says, “hoping that they can get armloads of Christian literature in Spanish, and instead, they walk out empty-handed, or with hands-full.”

CRI takes donated Christian literature, sorts it, packages it and ships the materials to missionaries and national pastors, equipping them for their ministry.

But as the evangelistic vision grows among Spanish-speaking churches and in Latin and Central America, neither the funding nor the donations have kept pace. “So we could use topicals, and the small booklets and Spanish version of pastors’ library material and reference books and Bibles.”

If you have funds to help pay for shipping, or if you have Spanish resources, go to Christian Resources International’s website by following the highlighted link above.

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