A mission group trains ‘agents of change’.

By October 21, 2005

International (MNN)–In bridging the gap between an ungodly culture, poverty and ministry, believers find that one method is particularly effective.

Medical Ambassadors International’s Bob Paul says they continue to work with the Community Health Evangelism programs, or CHEs because of the impact.

He just went through a training the trainers session, or TOT I. They then equip people to become trainers of Community Health Evangelists (CHEs). They choose a location in which to start their own Community Health Evangelism (CHE) program.

“Their role”, Paul explains, “is to work with the community leadership to train people within the community to begin to identify and take responsibility for both spiritual and physical issues to improve the quality of life in those communities.”

Tthe process of creating such ‘change agents’ isn’t difficult, but it is involved. “There’s spiritual growth, and also they learn methods that improve public health, that contribute to the growth of the local economy and they share those so that it becomes a process of changing the way of life from the bottom up.”

Volunteers from the community visit their neighbors, teaching about both clean water and the Living Water. They teach about gardening and how to grow with God.

As a result, thousands of lives have been changed for eternity. Families and communities are lifted out of the cycle of poverty and disease.

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