A mission group trains Sierra Leone’s pastors as a catalyst for peace.

By June 12, 2006

Sierra Leone (MNN)–Years of turmoil have torn Sierra Leone apart. It’s said what the people want now is a durable peace and national security in order to put their lives together.

However, there are also scattered reports of mounting tensions related to planned 2007 elections. These might further deteriorate conditions in neighboring countries, which in turn, could present challenges to continuing progress in Sierra Leone’s stability.

Yet, there’s been a lull in the discord, and one that gives hope to tenuous peace. Global Advance Ministries’ David Shibley says this is the Holy Spirit’s catalyst. Their Frontline Shepherd’s conference later this month will be held in Freetown.

It follows two other major peace initiatives held earlier this year. “We see this season of reprieve of fighting in Sierra Leone as a unique opportunity, perhaps the only opportunity for training of national pastors that may come about in several years.”

Shibley says they’re bringing together 500 evangelical pastors and church leaders from across the country because: “There is a great need for rehabilitation ministries. There is a need for Bible translation and there’s a need for leadership training. We hope to accomplish some, at least, of the training of the pastoral leaders of that nation.”

As part of that resourcing, Global Advance has designed tools for the ongoing training of frontline shepherds such as CD Virtual Institutes, 2tim2.org, and the LifeBook training manual. If you want to help, go to: https://www.globaladvance.org.

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