A new audio Scripture project in Mexico on the way.

By December 27, 2005

Mexico (MNN)–Audio Scripture Ministries reports progress on several projects in Mexico.

One of the leaders in the project just began an extended stay in Mexico and is transporting a lot of supplies and equipment.

He’s there to assist ASM technicians in the recording studio. Teams are continuing to produce the Scriptures in audio in Zapotec of Texmelucan, Zapotec of Mitla, Mixe of Guichicovi, Mitlatongo, and Chinantec of Lealao.

The main challenge is keeping the electricity consistent so that all the computers, recording equipment, and programs will function flawlessly during the final stages of the project.

Because the missionary, Chad Vanden Bosch is staying longer than a tourist visa allows, he’s in the process of getting an FM3 visa for temporary residency.

Pray that all the paperwork is held together, not lost, and forwarded to the appropriate people to process this in good timing.

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