A new kind of school is helping the next generation of Christians former Soviet Union

By July 1, 2005

Russia (MNN) — They call them Schools Without Walls. These specialty schools could be the key to seeing the next generation of young Christians get actively involved in ministry in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

Russian Ministries’ Sergey Rakhuba explains these new schools. “It’s a program especially designed to target the young generation in Russian churches, to motivate and mobilize them more for ministry in their church ministries or outreach based in their local churches and become more active young Christians.”

There is a huge need for this program, says Rakhuba. “They are not very open to go to seminaries, universities and Bible schools. (There are) many students who finish seminary now that can not find good jobs, so this younger generation today, they are looking for something more practical.”

However, Rukhuba says this two year program allows young people to continue working or going to university. He says it’s currently operating in 19 regions. “Over 900 students (are) already enrolled. And, we receive so many letters now from younger people like 17, 18, 20 they say that they haven’t ever thought about going into ministry and today they would seriously consider (it).”

As they learn about ministry these young people are responding to God’s call. “If 10 percent will end up in full time ministry just in one year, this is a huge number. If they don’t end up in full time ministry they will stay in those churches and will become more active, helping to organize Sunday schools, reaching out to children, families, communities, working in other church projects,” say Rakhuba.

It costs just $250 a year to fund a student in this program. He’s looking for churches to fund one student each month, or larger churches to support an entire School without Walls. Click on the highlighted link above to help Russian Ministries with this program.

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