A new law increases roadblocks for a ministry.

By August 12, 2005

Kazakhstan (MNN)– The Bible League is voicing concern over the impact of Kazakhstan’s new religion law.

On July 8th, President Nursultan Nazarbaev signed into law new restrictions on religious activity meant to curb radical Islamic terrorism in this predominantly Muslim country.

However, the restrictions will also restrict the minority Christian groups. BLG’s Central Asian director says, under it, freedoms they had for ministry a year ago are gone.

The law bans all unregistered religious groups, calls for all biblical literature to be certified both locally and nationally, and forces missionaries to get permission to work.

Penalties for violations can be property loss, suspension, deportation and fines of 15 to 300 times the minimum monthly wage.

As the law is enforced, it will set up roadblocks to outreach. New booklets require local government approval all the way to their destinations–that’s a move which could effectively prevent any new literature from getting in.

The new law will also make it progressively more difficult for churches and ministries to get registered. The director says the obstacles won’t stop outreach, but they will slow everything down significantly. Pray that God will make ways for the Bible League to continue to provide Bibles and training to church workers in Kazakhstan.

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