A new middle class in India prompts re-training for the Christian marketplace.

By October 17, 2006

India (MNN)–Global Advance’s Jonathon Shibley says now is the time to ingrain Marketplace Missions principles in India.

With her ‘sleeping giant’ economy stirring, a new middle class is awakening in India. Aside from money, the new middle class brings with it a new populace. “This is an opportunity that God is giving them to use their resources, use their knowledge to be able to reach the people in the marketplace as places like Hyderabad, and Mumbai and Delhi continue to just explode on the economic scene.”

Shibley says they’re trying to sharpen these business people’s vision for kingdom building. Shibley says their staff works to re-train the national’s thinking to see that every transaction is a ministry opportunity.

The Church in developing nations is ready to learn skills and knowledge that will propel it out of economic dependency living.

Shibley says during a conference, they work to get businesspeople to own the idea that “their job really is a mission field where they can display God’s glory through their talent, through their work.”

With a hand turned to the plow, “through the money that they generate, they can be generous to invest that back into the kingdom. So these are the kind of mindsets that we’re trying to create.”

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