A new OM ship has been named, but for what ship?

By February 6, 2004

International (MNN/OM) — LOGOS HOPE is the name chosen for Operation Mobilization’s next ship. The decision was made today at the OM Ships office in Mosbach, Germany, and announced by OM Ships Managing Director Bernd Guelker.

“This is a historic occasion!” said Bernd. “We have put a great deal of thought into finding the name that best represents the nature and character of our ministry. LOGOS HOPE builds on the strengths of our ministry experience and sends out a strong message for the future.”

The ministry opportunities open to OM’s present ships are often overwhelming. Over 33 million people have visited the ministry, pioneered by the original LOGOS, with first DOULOS and later LOGOS II being added. With the renewed vision to impact the life of every visitor in a greater way, plans have been developing to replace LOGOS II for over two years.

“In all our planning towards replacing LOGOS II, we have been talking about ‘the Next Ship’, but from today that ship has a name – LOGOS HOPE,” said Bernd.

Over 180 names were suggested by co-workers, partners and supporters of the ministry all around the world – a fantastic response. A short-list of the most suitable names was developed, using a list of criteria drawn up. Further investigation and discussion brought this list down to three names, with LOGOS HOPE winning the day.

“We have a clear sense that LOGOS HOPE is the name that best embodies the future direction of the Ship Ministry,” said Bernd. “It combines powerful spiritual significance with our desire to make a real difference in people’s lives.”

The Next Ship now has a name, but no decision has yet been made about which ship will carry it. Many ships on the market have been included in the search for the ‘right ship’. The Next Ship team have put together a list of criteria to be fulfilled before a ship can be purchased.

“We are first and foremost looking to the Lord for guidance and His peace and conviction about which ship we should purchase,” said Lloyd Nicholas, Next Ship Project Director. “The choice of name is an important milestone in the project, but we still have other criteria to fulfil, including seeing the needed funding in place.” Over half of the project funding has come in already.

Pray with us for the Lord’s direction and guidance as we move towards purchasing a ship – a ship called LOGOS HOPE – to bring hope to the people of the world.

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