A new program launch in Niger opens doors for ministry in rural areas.

By March 25, 2004

Niger (MNN)–Niger is a poor, landlocked Sub-Saharan nation, whose economy centers on subsistence farming and animal trade.

As the currency continued its downward spiral, many found themselves facing poverty and starvation. International aid has been a main staple as the government looks for ways to turn the economic tidings.

As bleak as the picture looks, there is some good news. FARMS International works to serve the church by equipping families in poverty with the means for self-support. They also provide a way for church leaders to go about the work of evangelism and discipleship through the financial freedom.

At the request of the Evangelical Church of Niger, FARMS has initiated a loan program. During a recent visit, FARMS’ staff trained eleven people in the program’s principles and operations.

The program begins with students of the area Dogon Gao Bible School and then expands into other indigenous churches.

Participants exemplify the principles of stewardship and self-support within their churches and community by way of a micro-credit program.

FARMS provides loans, technical support for income generating projects and spiritual training for families.
Loans are repaid to a revolving fund and recipients agree to tithe to their local church.

Please pray for each of the new FARMS committees as agreements reach the finalization stage. Pray that the recipients will be faithful in honoring God, as well as successful in their projects.

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