A new Spanish version of the Bible Pathway is ready for distribution.

By January 30, 2004

International (MNN)–It’s the potential to reach 400-million people with the hope of Christ, and the possibilities for discipleship that are opening new doors in the Americas.

Rough estimates show there are 400 million Spanish-speakers worldwide. Bible Pathway Ministries’ Karen Hawkins says because resources are not readily available throughout the lower Americas, when word got out they were re-printing their Spanish Bible Pathway, excitement mounted.

Hawkins says they got word January 29th that the books were printed and are now on their way for distribution. She believes it will revolutionize evangelistic ministry in the Americas. “It’s called a ‘pastors’ pastor’ because so many of the pastors have never had opportunity to go to Bible school. Because Bible Pathway goes straight through the Bible, it basically is a survey of the entire Bible, and that’s the way it’s used.”

Hawkins explains that the Pathway is designed to benefit first-time readers, as well as teachers, ministers, and all who desire a better understanding of the Word of God. That leads to a special relationship they’re trying to encourage between churches in the United States and elsewhere. “We would really to see more of the churches in the United States that have Spanish-speaking congregations use it. As they purchase the books from us,that helps us fund free copies that we send to the mission field that we send to pastors, evangelists, to Bible schools.”

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