A new teaching model could impact ministry in Central America.

By October 5, 2005

Central America (MNN)–The ministry of Worldwide Christian Schools has launched a new graduate program at the UNELA University Distance Learning Program for Central America.

WCS’s Steve Geurink says they’re teaching via distance through computer and remote teaching throughout Nicaragua and the region. For the average person, though, funding a graduate study program is out of reach.

That’s not the case anymore, Geurink says, but there’s a catch. “We’re offering scholarships to teachers, masters degree scholarships where they will be able to come in and for the three years, commit to completing their masters program in education with the stipulation that they will go back to their communities and their countries and offer bachelor’s level classes in teacher education.”

The commitment provides a built-in turn around. It’s also a model that holds the potential for exponential ministry.

Geurink explains, “The masters degrees center around a worldview that shows that the Gospel is important in every subject that is taught.”

“As this type of education and program expands,” he continues, “it’s going to have a multiplication effect as one masters program teaches many teachers, which affects many schools.”

It’s a wise investment into the future of many young souls throughout Central America. Called “Preparing the Way,” the program focuses on teachers in Belize, the Dominican Republic, Honduras and Nicaragua.

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