A New Testament is dedicated this week in Southeast Asia.

By December 13, 2005

Southeast Asia (MNN)–The Seed Company says this week is set aside for the dedication of the Ngau New Testament in Southeast Asia.

The 25,000 speakers of the Ngau language live in a large country of Southeast Asia that is generally closed to missionary work. (picture blurred for security purposes)

However, a family began ministry to the Ngau in 1987, with a team of local people. Together, they produced a variety of literature including folktales, health booklets, and children’s storybooks.

The NT translation began in 1999. Wycliffe project advisors say getting to the ceremony will be a challenge because of the remoteness of the people group.

Despite their isolation, the translation team was driven to make sure they had the Scriptures in their own language.

In early presentations, the project manager reported that while some were excited beyond belief, “Others were moved to tears as they reverently opened the pages and began reading the words in their own language, with a sense of profound gratitude in their hearts to God.”

The team plans to have a celebration as a means to encourage translation projects underway in other language groups in the area.

Pray for accuracy in all stages of the work. Pray for strong local interest and suppport of the translation work.

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