A pastoral training session ends in healing for Burkina Faso.

By March 10, 2004

Burkina Faso (MNN)–Global Advance Ministries’ stated mission is that they exist to help fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ by empowering national church leaders to evangelize and disciple their own and surrounding nations.

One way they do this is through a series of Frontline Shepherds’ Conferences. An aspect of the meetings is healing.

Global Advance Ministries’ Marc Rylander gives this account of what happened to a group of pastors at the Burkina Faso meetings. “These men started boarding this bus from different backgrounds and different denominations, all Christian denominations, mind you, and when they got on this bus, it was literal silence. These men had not spoken to each other. It was as if they were enemies because they just happened to be from different denominational backgrounds.”

Global Advance provided the church leaders with the training, resources, and encouragement they so desperately need. These frontline shepherds leave with renewed strength. They go back into the battle with a vision in their hearts and tools in their hands.

Rylander says aside from teaching there was, more importantly, healing in the evangelical community. “For three days, they attended our Frontline Shepherd’s Conference and they had to interact, they had to minister together, and in the midst of that, God was doing a unique thing, so unique that when they got on the bus to return to their villages, these men hugged, they prayed, they worshipped together out loud, for the two or three hours that it took to get back to their village.”

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