A prison ministry branches out for future growth.

By November 9, 2005

USA (MNN)–Crossroad Bible Institute is branching out. They’ve just formed an academic and research arm of their ministry.

The Center for Advanced Studies will handle not only the advanced studies program, but also the curriculum development, continuing education and resourcing.

There are also hopes to develop the Center as a think tank. To that end, CBI hopes to provide education and research for criminal, restorative and social justice issues.

The Rev. David Feddes will serve as the Center’s director after his installation in January. His relationship with with CBI goes back to the early 90s. As a radio broadcaster, Rev. Feddes suggested that their two organizations form a partnership.

CBI accepted the proposition, and The Back to God Hour began to refer its inmate listeners from around the world to CBI’s faith-based reentry program.

The partnership grew quickly and led to an international ministry as a result. Other cooperatives resulted with other broadcasters such as Focus on the Family, RBC Ministries and Prison Fellowship to further reach inmates.

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