A radio ‘tea party’ delivers Hope to women and girls in India.

By March 23, 2006

International (MNN)–A women’s radio ministry is being likened to a ‘tea party’ on the air.

Trans World Radio’s Ann White says Project Hannah offers a 30-minute program called ‘Women of Hope’. The response has been encouraging, so much so, that they’ve expanded to reach more women.

She explains that, “They’ve launched the Women of Hope program in the language of Tamil, and then are launching in the language of Oriya, and are now producing in Indian English and Punjabi, so that they can reach a great number of the women speaking different languages on the subcontinent of India.”

Women of Hope programs, airing over more than 300 stations, have touched the hearts of countless women, enabling them to find Christ and live daily for Him.

Prayer is the backbone of Project Hannah, mobilizing individuals, churches, and women’s groups to participate in its Global Prayer Movement. Prayer partners intercede daily for the plight of women worldwide and for PH’s ministry teams across the globe.

White says theirs is a gentle approach to exposing these women to the hope of Christ in a hard world. “The basis of the program is to extend God’s compassion first, but in the voice of compassionate women. It’s not presented as a teaching or a preaching program. It’s two or three women that are talking about the issue so that they (listeners) can hear their friends talking.”

If you’d like to get involved or help, go to: http://www.twr.org/ph/need.htm.

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