A satellite TV ministry focuses on the family in the Middle East.

By November 11, 2005

Middle East (MNN)–Family values are under attack–it’s an argument familiar to many–but this time, it’s happening in the Middle East.

Studies show families in the region face additional stressors. Issues like poverty, illiteracy, migration, negative media influences, divorce, abuse all play a role in tearing at the basic building block of the Middle Eastern society.

In response, SAT-7’s Debbie Brink says they’re launching their 2006 ‘Year of the Family’ campaign. Brink explains. “The family in the Middle East is a very important part of the society. It’s been affected by media from the West in a very negative way so the things that have been eroding our families over the last decades are beginning to erode the family of the Middle East as well.”

The campaign’s slogan is “Together, We Can Shape The Future”. It’s a partnership in association with Bible Societies in the Middle East. Brink says their Christian message emphasizes the role of the family in today’s world.

In preparation, SAT-7 has already launched a new satellite block. “We’re concentrating our programming this next year on several different blocks of viewers, children, youth, women.”

SAT-7 is also working with churches to help reinforce the Christian values in the home life.

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