A school of thought aims at helping church leaders in Latin America.

By October 26, 2005

Latin America (MNN)–Trans World Radio says pastors and church leaders in Latin America are hearing and benefiting from a popular Bible School radio program.

It’s called Escuela Biblica (Bible School), a broadcast aimed at providing solid biblical training to those teaching God’s Word to others. The 15-minute weekly broadcast reaches Venezuela, Peru, the Dominican Republic, Chile and Uruguay.

Lay shepherds who lack seminary education or sound doctrine especially benefit. They often write to the production center for resources.

Staff are kept busy filling numerous requests for correspondence materials and other Christian literature for emerging evangelists and believers.

A TWR partner says the resources they send out are frequently used to help prepare sermons that are preached on Sunday.

TWR is transmitting through sites in Bonaire, Brazil and Uruguay. In addition to those, hundreds of local stations in Latin America, the ALAS satellite and Caribbean Gospel Network air programs.

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