A sense of relief is being felt in Haiti providing opportunities to witness.

By March 3, 2004

Haiti (MNN) — With President Jean-Bertrand Aristide now out of Haiti, the country’s temporary leadership has been announced. Rebel leader Guy Philippe announced he will head Haiti’s military, while Haiti’s Supreme Court Chief Justice Boniface Alexandre was installed as interim leader.

World Vision is working in Haiti. World Vision’s Kate Scannell, speaking from Haiti, says, “We’ve really seen a change in the last 24 hours here in the capitol city of Port au Prince,” says Scannell. “There was a lot of tension on the streets. The mood changed to be one of celebration and people feeling liberated,” she says.

Scannell says this is good news for World Vision. “We’re hoping that as the roads open up, as the barricades go down, we’re going to be able to get medical supplies to health clinics, that have been empty for the last couple of weeks,” says Scannell, “We’re really waiting to get back to work.”

World Vision is working with 300,000 people in 200 communities across Haiti. She says, as they help with physical needs, their able to share the Gospel. Scannell says, “We’re helping to respond to some of their very basic urgent needs like food, health care, and helping children go to school. And, we’re able to share that in a number of different ways – very openly in very practical ways.”

Pray for the safety of the Haitian people and that the transition of government goes smoothly.

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